Project overview

TABLO is a European project for creating a vocational training course that integrates arts therapy into the daily routines of those working with people with long-term conditions. TABLO brings together individuals and organisations from different EU countries to develop an e-learning training package. The wide range of specialization areas ensures that the package is applicable to people with a variety of conditions and across many different cultural settings. All the results of the project aim at promoting therapeutic environments through the use of the arts and a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Project aim

TABLO aims at building on the hands-on experience of arts facilitators from all around Europe, who have practical knowledge and skills in developing and delivering arts-based programs, in order to develop a comprehensive, professional training for the staff involved in such initiatives.

The main aim of the project is to design an e-learning package that will enable all staff working with patients with long term conditions to offer their patients arts-based therapeutic activities. The consortium will collaborate to create materials for the elearning package of vocational training for staff working with patients with long-term conditions in how to use the arts as a therapeutic tool. This new learning package will enable staff from a variety of professional backgrounds to include the arts as part of their therapeutic work, and will thus enable more patients to be offered these options.

Added value

The added value of this project is that it will draw on such a wide body of first-hand experience, and in designing the e-learning module ensure that is able to be used by a wide range of professionals from a broad cultural and geographical context. This project will therefore support the development of high quality VET with a strong work-based learning component, involving strong partnerships between education and employment. The importance and innovation of the project lies in the following aspects:

  • It is specifically designed to be useful regardless of nationality or medical condition and it will bring benefits in three different ways:
  • It will improve the skills of the participants and increase their confidence in using the arts to holistically improve wellbeing
  • The organisations that participate will become centres of excellence, with better skilled and more motivated staff
  • Sufferers of long-term conditions will have access to a greater range of services aimed at improving their wellbeing. In addition, their participation in training seminars and community activities will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Training Package

The e-learning training package is intended for both health care professionals and family members to use in their daily roles assisting people of all ages with a variety of long-term conditions. During the life-time of the TABLO project, 116 care staff from seven countries will be sharing their experiences and gaining knowledge of how the arts can be used in different cultural and medical settings. Each member of TABLO will also actively involve other organisations in the development of the training programme, making maximum use of local expertise.